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Jewish Women INVEST



Are you a Jewish Woman who is seeking to align your financial investments with your values? 

Do you want to deepen your understanding of investing and impact investing?

Do you enjoy learning and collaborating with other women?

If any of these questions evoke excitement, join us!

Jewish Women INVEST, a project of Invest for Better, is the very first initiative with a mission to mobilize Jewish women to activate their money and other financial capital towards values-aligned impact investing.


Jewish Women INVEST was developed through an exciting partnership with Invest for Better, a national campaign and educational forum that seeks to help women become more knowledgeable about investing responsibly and purposefully, overcoming obstacles, and mobilizing their capital for good.

The goal of Jewish Women INVEST is to create, build, and educate a network of Jewish women that intentionally invests in ideas, businesses, and organizations that support women, that are led by women, and that create an investment culture and a culture of action that upholds values of equity and equality. 

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“The launch of Jewish Women INVEST, a project of Invest for Better, is an exciting win-win for all of us - for Invest for Better, as we scale to reach thousands of women worldwide; for Jewish Women Invest who can build on our curriculum to provide something purpose-built for their unique audience; and for the world, which will have more educated and activated impact investors.” 


—  Ellen Remmer, The Philanthropic Initiative
Champion, Invest for Better


Jewish Women INVEST consists of a series of Circles – small communities of women who are committed to increasing their personal knowledge of money, investing, and power. These Circles are intended to create an educational ecosystem that incorporates deep learning, actionable investment opportunities, and communities of support. The Jewish Women INVEST Circles use the curriculum from Invest for Better Circles and are specifically tailored to incorporate Jewish values and teachings.


Jewish Women INVEST will launch the first Circle in November 2020, recruiting a national cohort of participants from across the United States. A second Circle will begin in January 2021 recruiting participants from the Detroit, Michigan area.


You will be part of a community of trusted peers and a safe space committed to learning about investing and impact investing.

You will learn and explore Jewish teachings that promote guiding values when seeking to invest assets.

You will meet other women who want to network, learn together and discover together. 

You will develop plans and take steps to activate personal assets and community assets with the support of others. 

You will have clear expectations around participation.