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Jewish Women INVEST



Are you seeking to deepen your understanding and knowledge of money, investing and impact investing for yourself or an institution?

Are you seeking to align your Jewish values with your money and investments?

Are you seeking to learn and collaborate with other Jewish women?

If any of these questions evoke excitement, join us!

Jewish Women INVEST is the very first initiative with the mission to educate women about purposeful and values-aligned investing and to activate personal capital and institutional assets for good.


We identified a need to blend financial and impact investing education with Jewish values and focus the learning specifically for women.

The goal of Jewish Women INVEST is to create, build, and educate a network of Jewish women who intentionally invest in ideas, businesses, and organizations that support women, that are led by women, and that create an investment culture and a culture of action that upholds values of equity and equality. 

Jewish Women INVEST programming and curriculum were designed to help Jewish women become more knowledgeable about investing responsibly and purposefully, overcoming obstacles, and mobilizing their capital for good. The Jewish values content was developed with Rabbi Mary Zamore, author and Executive Director of the Women's Rabbinic Network.

Jewish Women INVEST consists of a series of Education Circles, each a small community of 8 to 12 women who are committed to increasing their knowledge of money, investing, and power for personal or professional development. These Circles are intended to create an educational ecosystem that incorporates deep learning, actionable investment opportunities, and communities of support.  


Women who complete a full Circle are invited to join the Jewish Women INVEST Alumnae Network which provides continuing education, thought leadership conversations, investment spotlights, and more.

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“Finally - a robust, serious deep dive into finance, investing and Jewish values. This was no knitting circle - the topics were complex and of the moment led by key strategists and leaders in each sector curated. There was no condescension or dumbing down of concepts nor endless roundtables about whether women can really have it all. It was real, on the ground, cutting edge finance for women with a thoughtful Jewish lens.”

– Inaugural Circle Member, 2021


You will be part of a community of trusted peers in a safe space, committed to learning about investing and impact investing.

You will learn and explore Jewish teachings that promote guiding values when seeking to invest assets.

You will meet other women who want to network, learn and discover together. 

You will develop plans and take steps to activate personal assets and community assets with the support of others. 

You will have clear expectations around participation.

You will have the opportunity to form your own circle and you will be supported by Jewish Women INVEST.

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