After experiencing their very first Jewish Women INVEST Circles, participants asked for more.

They asked for more education, more networking, more access to investments, more faith-based learning to help demystify impact investing, and help with unlocking assets for positive change.

To meet this demand, we have launched the Jewish Women INVEST Alumnae Network for all Circle graduates to provide this education, continue the momentum, and build the movement of Jewish Impact Investing.

The Alumnae Network is led by the founders of Jewish Women INVEST, Samantha and Robyn. With 45(+) years of collective experience in philanthropy and investing, they are eager to continue sharing knowledge, expertise, and their networks.



Experts in the field who teach a range of topics and experiences as well as share models for blending financial and impact investing with Jewish values focusing the learning specifically for women.

Access to a range of investment professionals, broad experts, additional Jewish values learnings, and a community to ask questions, develop strategies, explore prospective investments, and more.

2-3 programs per quarter including Expert Workshops (thought leadership and education) and “Circle Time” where our peer Alumna will present investment opportunities and seek advice and interest from the collective group.

View our list of programs here.

Additional benefits will be announced throughout the year including a Summit gathering in 2022.


The annual fee is $360, and we accept participants on a rolling basis throughout the year. If you are a graduate of a Jewish Women INVEST Circle, you can secure your membership in the Jewish Women INVEST Alumnae Network by registering here.

Join the Alumnae Network to continue your involvement in creating a community of Jewish women who intentionally invest in ideas, businesses, and organizations that support women, that are led by women, and that create an investment culture and a culture of action that uploads values of equity and equality.


  • Detroit Circle: January 2021 - June 2021

  • National (US) Circle: November 2020 - May 2021